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It may feel like there are a million reasons

to stand still and keep silent,

but there are millions more to speak the unspeakable and move forward.


supporting you


The monthly support group sessions will be held for a year from November 2020 through to October 2021. Each online session will be for 90 minutes. Facilitated by mental health professionals from Alliance Counselling, the online sessions are meant to support survivors of sexual abuse in their healing process.

be seen and heard


This is a support group aimed at providing a holding space where participants can build safe and healthy connects, be seen and heard and explore what living well means to them individually and as a community. This is about building a supportive space - a community - and in providing psychoeducation or skills training. While there is provision for between session email support, individuals who require more in-depth support will be referred to relevant agencies.

meet the facilitators


D.Psych (Clinical),
BA (Hons) Psychology,
Registered Psychologist & Supervisor (Singapore)


MAFT (Couple and Family Therapy)
MASW (Social Work)


BBSc (Psychology),
MSC (Third Wave Psychological Therapies), Registered Psychologist (Spain),
Member, Singapore Psychological Society


BA Psychology
MSW (Medical & Psychiatric)
MSc. Social & Organizational Psychology


having the space


Experiencing a traumatic incident, such as sexual assault or domestic violence, can leave us feeling numb, betrayed, shocked and confused. It is normal to find it really hard to cope some days. and to feel like things are not going to get any better.

Many of us struggle to find the words to speak about what we are going through. We can't or don't want to speak to family and/or friends for fear of burdening them or being disbelieved or judged.

Yet, we long to feel connected, to have the space to be with and/or share our messy bits without being judged and to feel accepted and supported.

peer led support group


‘So Let Us Talk’ hopes for this peer led support group to be a safe, encouraging space for sexual assault and domestic violence trauma survivors to come together to share experiences and draw strength from each other. Through the use of creative art techniques including writing, art and music, we speak about difficult experiences and navigate making sense of them. In the process, we increase our sense of self-awareness, agency and build on ways of coping.

meet the facilitators


Masters in Clinical Psychology

Certificate in Narrative Therapy


Survivor & Musician

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